Appointment Information

We make it a top priority to value both you and your time. That’s why we make every effort to stay on or ahead of schedule. Most adults work and all children attend school. Inconveniencing your work schedule and/or interrupting your child’s studies as infrequently as possible is very important to our entire office.

If the patient is of school age, it is unavoidable that some school-time appointments will be necessary. We will be glad to work around certain classes that are very important or ones in which your child may be having problems. We provide your child with school excuses for scheduled orthodontic appointments and it is important for your child to turn these into the proper school official.

We want you to know that our staff will work hard to provide the finest orthodontic care in the most convenient scheduling system possible for you and/or your child. We, too, have families and careers and understand your scheduling concerns. We will do everything we can to ensure that treatment goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

LONG APPOINTMENTS: (bonding): The longer appointments that entail placing orthodontic appliances (braces) are more detailed and technique-sensitive. These appointments will be scheduled during our quieter hours earlier in the day.

EMERGENCIES: (pain, swelling, bleeding): These appointments usually result from trauma to the face or mouth. These patients will be seen as soon as possible and appropriate care will be given or a referral will be made to another specialist.

REPAIRS: (loose brackets; broken archwires; lost or broken fixed or removable appliances or aligners): These appointments will be scheduled as soon as possible as time permits in the schedule. It is possible that some of these visits may require additional time and will need to be scheduled during our quieter hours of the day. Extensive breakage or loss of appliances will cause treatment time to be extended.

APPOINTMENT CHANGES: In the rare instance that you should need to cancel or change an appointment, please call our office immediately. While we don’t charge for missed appointments, we appreciate the courtesy of notification so we may offer this appointment to another patient. Frequently missed or changed appointments often adversely affect treatment time.